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Pippa Middleton-Inspired Buttock Plastic Surgery Becomes More Popular

Jamie Birdwell 02:11 PM 08/03/2011

William and Kate's royal wedding was a story straight out of a fairy tale. Kate dazzled, William was handsome, and Pippa Middleton's behind gained a fame all of its own in the now famous white bridesmaid dress.pippa middleton butt

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister and her derriere are so famous that they have their own Twitter account and are constantly on the cover of magazines by the checkout stand. Pippa's butt recently became one of the most requested plastic surgeries according to a Haute Living blog. A cosmetic surgery center has even taken it upon themselves to name the procedure "The Pip Package Perfect Posterior," according to the article. Other celebrity booties aren't far behind Pippa in plastic surgery demand, with Kim Kardashian's and Jennifer Lopez's butts often being requested as well.

To get one of these celebrity bottoms, a plastic surgeon will consult you about buttock implants, often called a buttock augmentation. Similar to breast implants, buttock implants come in different shapes and sizes in order to fit your height and frame, according to the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery. Butt implant procedures are often paired with butt lift and lower back liposuction for more balanced results. Many women who get buttock augmentation are dissatisfied with the shape or the size of their behinds and turn to surgery when exercising does not give the results they want.

The procedure is also similar to breast augmentation, where the surgeon will make an incision in the middle of the buttock and place the implant underneath the muscle. Like any plastic surgery, there are several risks involved such as a shifting implant, infection, anesthesia problems, scarring, and cosmetic dissatisfaction.

After the surgery you can expect to feel some pain and discomfort. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe you pain medication and an antibiotic to decrease the chance of infection and provide some relief. You can also expect to wear a protective dressing such as a compression garment to provide support in the days following your surgery.

Kate Middleton might be set to become the next Queen of England, but it appears as though Pippa Middleton may be the new "queen of the booty."

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