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Andrea Anglin 2011-Aug-11 10:19:31 PM

Many women are unhappy with their breasts. Concerns women have about their breasts include breast size, nipple position, ptosis (sagging and stretching) or breast symmetry. There are several procedures women can consider when enhancing the look and/or feel of their breasts including a vertical breast lift or a horizontal breast lift.


Vertical Breast Lift

What is it? – A vertical breast lift is the most invasive of the breast lift procedures.  However it gives dramatic results. An incision is made around the areola and below the nipple, down to the inframammary crease (where your breast meets your torso). The skin is then cinched up, the nipple is repositioned and the end result is a firmer, higher breast. In this procedure the nipple will be raised sox or seven centimeters.

Who should do this? –  A vertical breast lift is best for women who have medium or large breasts and significant ptosis (sagging). An indication of the severity of the ptosis is how far down the nipple points. A more severe case of ptosis will have the nipple pointing downward.

What are the possible side effects? – Because there is an incision made around the areola and the nipple is repositioned, the side effects can be more dramatic than with other types of procedures and MAY include:

- Lost or reduced ability to breastfeed
- decreased sensitivity in the nipples
- inability for nipples to harden
- numbness in the breast or nipple

In addition, there is definite scarring with the vertical breast lift procedure both around and under the nipple.

Recovery time? – Patients can usually return to work around two weeks after surgery and can resume more strenuous activity after six weeks.

Horizontal Breast Lift

What is it? –In this procedure, the main incision is made under the breast, in the breast crease.  Not much skin or tissue is removed however, because the breasts in this surgery are long and narrow. The doctor will re-arrange breast tissue to give the appearance of fuller breasts and the nipple will be moved up several inches.

Who should do this? - A horizontal breast lift is the least common of breast lifts and is used on those patients whose breasts are narrow and long.

What are possible side effects? – With this surgery, as with the vertical lift, there is significant moving of the nipple which can create

- Lost or reduced ability to breastfeed
- decreased sensitivity in the nipples
- inability for nipples to harden
- numbness in the breast or nipple

Recovery time?  -  Patients can usually return to work within two weeks. Strenuous activity can resume after six weeks.

Both of these procedures carry the risks associated with any surgical procedure including, infection at the incision site; excessive bleeding; bruising; redness and swelling; slow healing; breast tenderness; and reopening of the incision.



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